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Taktikon’s broad network within Revenue Management makes us the ultimate partner if you are looking for employees or a new job within Revenue Management.

The recruitment process is divided in 7 stages:

  1. Background Analysis

    Taktikon performs a background analysis where we look at the recruiters needs and goals. In this phase we focus on the long term perspective.

  2. Start Up Meeting

    Together with the client, we make a thorough requirement profile. This includes, for example, tasks, corporate culture, personality and qualifications. This results in a Requirement Profile that is sent within three working days. After confirmation of the profile, the advertisement is being made.

  3. Finding the candidates

    In this phase Taktikon contacts all interesting candidates within their network. Both registered and non-registered candidates are contacted. The advertisement will be put on the right channels (LinkedIn, Website, Social Media, etc.). All candidates are personally contacted and kept updated on the recruitment process

  4. Interview

    The candidates that fit the Requirement Profile are invited for an interview. Candidates that fit the Requirement Profile best are invited to perform a Revenue Management test

  5. Revenue Management Test

    Taktikon has produced a Revenue Management test where candidates are tested on their Analytical-, Commercial- and Communicative skills. The test results in a test report that is sent to the candidates. The customer receives the outcome per skill.

  6. Presentation to customer and Employee interviews

    Taktikon writes a short report where candidates are presented. In this report we present both performance towards the Requirement Profile and Revenue Management test as well as a short background from the candidates. In this part of the process we do not mention names, gender nor age. This in order for the employee to keep an open mind to all candidates. Taktikon can even schedule the interview. Right before the On Site interview, a CV is sent.

  7. Reference taking

    Taktikon makes sure all references are contacted. The result is presented to the customer who can make sure the recruitment phase is finalised (contracting, etc.).