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taktikon-tainingsTaktikon holds training courses in Revenue Management and Distribution in The Netherlands and Sweden. The courses are a perfect mix of practical and theoretical exercises and business cases. Taktikon provides specially developed tools  which are easy to use and can be implemented immediately.

All courses are set up so that participants can implement what they have learned the very next day. Taktikon provides open course programs scheduled throughout the year as well as customized training courses dedicated to your team only. Contact us for tailor-made programs.


When Course Venue Fully Flex* Non Refundable*
11th September 2017 Conference Revenue Management Stockholm SK 3.900 SK 2.730
27th September 2017 Essential Revenue Management Stockholm SK 3.900 SK 2.730
28th September 2017 Strategic Revenue Management Stockholm SK 3.900 SK 2.730
2nd October 2017 Conference Distribution Management Amsterdam € 395 € 276.50
11th October 2017 Total Revenue Management Stockholm SK3.900 SK2.730
12th October 2017 Profit Management Stockholm SK3.900 SK2.730
2nd November 2017 Total Revenue Management Amsterdam € 395 € 276,50
3rd November 2017 Profit Management Amsterdam € 395 € 276,50
13th November 2017 Tactical Distribution Management Stockholm SK3.900 SK2.730
14th November2017 Profitable Distribution Management Stockholm SK3.900 SK2.730
15 November 2015 Digital Marketing Stockholm SK3.900 SK2.730
20th November 2017 Essential Revenue Management Amsterdam € 395 €276,50
21st November 2017 Strategic Revenue Management Amsterdam € 395 €276,50
11th December 2017 Tactical Distribution Management Amsterdam € 395 €276,50
12th December 2017 Profitable Distribution Management Amsterdam € 395 €276,50
13st December 2017 Digital Marketing Amsterdam € 395 €276,50

* Full Flex rates: Course participation can be canceled and moved to a different date/course in the program
* Non-refundable rates: Course participation can not be canceled and fees not refunded.

About Taktikon Consulting
Taktikon is one of the leading Training and Consultancies within Revenue Management and Distribution, based in Stockholm and Amsterdam. Annemarie Gubanski founded the company in 2010...Read more---->
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