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Revenue & Distribution Audits

The Revenue & Distribution Audit is a detailed evaluation where we analyze your current work routines and system setup in order to identify possibilities for improvement. The audit includes an evaluation of your current work processes, current pricing strategies, current distribution landscape and system set-up.

You will receive a report of our findings together with concrete recommendations on a plan of which changes are needed to be able to generate higher revenue.

Budget & Forecasting Audits

The Budget & Forecasting Audit is a detailed evaluation of your current set-up in data collection and report generating. We will assess your work routines and system set-up and identify which tools would be suitable for the purpose of enhancing your data collection which are relevant for you to measure.

We will recommend the best solution for you to get started with better measureability so that you can be on top of your booking patterns and revenue streams.

Taktikon Audits provide a review and analysis of your current workflow or technology infrastructure. The resulting report allows you to create and prioritize the road map for your investments in systems or resources and acts as a strategic document for both your budgeting and planning.

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