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Budgeting & Forecasting Audit

Budgeting & Forecasting Audit

<IMG SRC=“budgeting-forecasting-audit.jpeg” ALT=“Budgeting and Forecasting Audit”>Are you planning to implement revenue or profit management as a cornerstone of your profit strategy?

Or are you considering elevating your current setup into an automated revenue management platform?

Taktikon’s Budgeting and Forecasting Audit can assist you in deciding whether to go for a manual or automated solution.
We will assess you current work routines, review the available data (and how it is being used), guide you through the Revenue Management Cycle and create a proper budgeting and forecasting routine for your operation.

Once the basic steps are implemented, Taktikon can assist you setting up targets, measure customer demand and convert the demand into profits. Or you can let us assist you in finding the perfect revenue management technology for your needs.

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