CRS / PMS Audit

CRS / PMS Audit

Are you looking at alternatives to your property management system (PMS)?

Are you planning to switch provider for central reservations systems (CRS)?

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Taktikon can guide you through the jungle of suppliers, solutions and platforms with a strong focus on system manageability and cost.
Our CRS/PMS Audit forms the base for the direction your company will be heading with a change of operative platform or distribution connectivity. We will assess the status quo of your current systems and solutions, determine shortcomings, map out the alternatives and carry out the RFP (request for proposal) and negotiation process on your behalf.

Based on the requirements of your operation, we will assist in the selection process by using quantitative and qualitative parameters for the best-fitting PMS/CRS solution. If so desired, we will also guide you through the integration process and assist in the training process to secure your systems solution can be used to its fullest potential.

Taktikon is not affiliated with or representing any of the PMS/CRS providers in the market, and can draw from decades of hands-on expertise in weighing the pro’s and con’s of every solution to best match your needs.

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