Meet our Sofia Isaksson!
23rd August 2019 Annemarie Gubanski

Meet our Sofia Isaksson!

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Our Sofia Isaksson is leaving us today, after five happy months as our Assistant Revenue Manager. She will start a new career within Secret Escapes from beginning September 2019. Even though we are sad to see her leave, we are very happy that we will remain to keep in touch for all our hotels using this distribution channel.

Today I spent some time and interviewed her. Thought it was high time that the world would meet this wonderful person!

If you would describe yourself in three words, what would these words be?
Happy, Outgoing, Book nerd (And I hope this doesn’t also make me a cheater as I technically used four words!)

At Taktikon you were assistant Revenue Manager. What did you think was the most challenging about this work?
It took some time to get to understand each individual hotel’s Booking Pace, Pick Up Curve and Price Points, so the Revenue Experts within Taktikon had to deal with a lot of questions in the beginning.Also; getting to know the staff at the hotels and getting them to understand the individual sales strategies we wanted to put in place. I feel that, the more hotels understand Revenue Management, the better the cooperation with the Revenue Consultants. In the end; every little detail counts.

And what is the most fun part of being a Revenue Manager?
Learning all the different aspects of this business and seeing firsthand that this type of work is vital to the service industry. But on a more personal note, selling the hotel’s last rooms was the best! I must admit that this became an obsession and I found myself on Saturday afternoons manically clicking the Update button to see if the hotel was fully booked or not.

You will now start a new career at Secret Escapes, what are you most excited about in your new challenge?
Besides the fun part of still being able to still work with all of you from the other side, I think it’s getting back to a more service-oriented position.
I have loved my time at Taktikon and everything I’ve learned, but I’ve come to realize that I missed contact with the guests. I am more of a people person and service oriented then I thought.
Also learning another aspect of the hospitality industry is really great.

Name three things about yourself that you think nobody knows
I’m a total geek when it comes to space and science.
At heart I’m more of country girl then I admit.
There is nothing better than the smell of wet asphalt after the rain.

Sorry to see you leave, Sofia! But it has been a wonderful to have you at our office the past months. We will miss your smile!

//Annemarie Gubanski