Digital Marketing Outsourcing

Digital Marketing Outsourcing

<IMG SRC=“digital-marketing- outsourcing.jpeg” ALT=“Digital marketing outsourcing”>Taktikon’s core principle is to ensure that Digital Marketing will be an obvious and long term part of your company. This means that, from the start of the outsourcing process, we build on practices and strategies you can apply yourselves at any given stage. Our specialists all have at least ten years of experience in Revenue Management, Distribution and Digital Marketing.

The areas Taktikon covers in Digital Marketing include:

  • Current Digital Marketing footprint
  • Targets and KPI’s for measuring success
  • Strategies and implementation for SEO, distribution, conversions
  • Targeting and budgeting for Digital Marketing activities
  • Social Media Content and Omni-channel strategies

Taktikon can assist you from the get-go or develop your current Digital Marketing activities into a viable, measurable and profitable part of your distribution strategy.

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