Taktikon Business Cases

We make the Hospitality Industry profitable

Boutique Hotel with luxury restaurant and conference

A fantastic family-run hotel just outside a big city. The owners have invested in quality and it is visible in every detail. What was needed was for the property to be visible in more suitable channels and to have the right pricing on all types of demand. With all the departments; hotels, restaurants, and conferences being very popular we need to apply Total Revenue Management.

Right now we are taking 40% market share and we are reasonably happy about that!

Larger conference hotel with a spa, restaurants, cabins, and activities located outside a mid-sized town

Before we came into the picture, the property had, for many years, made a great loss and had the goal of reaching Break-Even within three years. We turned around the property and made a nice profit within two years. During the Covid-19 period in 2020, the plant gained a full 65% market share in accommodation revenue.

We still see a lot of potential in increasing results in all departments.

Hostel in the big city

This hostel is located a little outside the inner city. We can sell some rooms both as hostels and as hotel rooms and this is a flexibility that we take great advantage of. The trick is finding the optimal guest mix.

The great success of this property lies mainly in the fact that we have been able to utilize all the beds optimally. But we still see great opportunity in increasing total revenues and profits further.

Camping close to the beach

Of course, it is easy to report a fantastic result with such incredibly fine facilities. Especially when they haven’t worked with Revenue Management before we arrived.

At this property, we started by changing the price structure and working with flexible supplements to the finest sites. We took the weather as an extra parameter into our pricing strategies and were involved in the marketing.

The first summer was the property’s best so far and then we had just started.

Cozy family-run hotel centrally located in a medium sized town

An incredibly nice classic hotel with many regular guests. We are lucky that the hotel has among the best Review Scores in town. One of the things we saw was the potential to dare to get paid, especially for the finest rooms. Another thing was to optimize the room types to make them both easier to handle and sell.

In the first months, we increased revenues by 11% and are still on an upward trend.