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We help companies maximise revenue by creating profitable and commercial strategies

About Taktikon AB

The name Taktikon derives from the first known document about strategy, written by the emperor Leo VI, who was known as “the Wise” or “the Philosopher” during the 9th-10th century. The document is one of the great works on Byzantine tactics. Leo VI was a Byzantine emperor from year 886 to 912. He was very well-read, which generated his nickname.

Taktikon was founded in 2010 in Stockholm by Revenue Management expert Annemarie Gubanski. Her vision was to enable companies to grow their business and to help people to grow their knowledge about Revenue Management & Distribution.

Today, Taktikon has offices in Stockholm and Amsterdam with an enthusiastic team and costumers all over Europe, offering a range of products like outsourcing, audits, courses, seminars and mentoring. Annemarie also co-hosts the annual Hotel Market Seminars and is actively involved with several Revenue Management education programs in Sweden and the Netherlands.

We are Revenue Management and Distribution Experts in the Travel & Hospitality Industry.

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Team Taktikon

Annemarie Gubanski

CEO & Founder
Revenue Management & Distribution Expert

Responsible for: Revenue Management Trainings, Organisation of Seminars, International Speaker

Tel: +46(0)73 9044 222
Tel: +31(0)6 5581 0086
Email: annemarie[at]taktikon.com

Katarina Svensson

COO & Partner
Revenue Management & Distribution Expert

Responsible for: Revenue Management Outsourcing, Revenue Manager System (Rev-Diary), Distribution Platform (Rez-Connect)

Tel: +46 (0)73 529 90 41
Email: katarina[at]taktikon.com

Oliver Geldner

COO & Partner
Revenue Management & Distribution Expert

Responsible for: System Audits, Marketing Projects, Structural Projects, International Speaker

Tel: +46 (0)70 842 64 39
Email: oliver[at]taktikon.com

Emelié Wennlöf

Revenue Management Consultant

Email: emelie[at]taktikon.com

Juliana Malm

Revenue Management Consultant

Email: juliana[a]taktikon.com

Marie-Louise O’Donnell

Revenue Management Consulltant

Email: marie-louise[a]taktikon.com

Martin Cirin

Revenue Management Consultant

Email: martin[a]taktikon.com