"I never thought we would see such an increase in revenue immediately"

"We would like to thank you for a particularly good and nice cooperation throughout the years. What a journey we made together!"

"Thank you Taktikon Team for your fantastic engagement!"

We make the Hospitality Industry profitable



We make the hospitality industry profitable

Taktikon is one of the leading Consultancies within Revenue Management, Distribution, Marketing and Technology within the hotel industry. Taktikon helps companies maximize revenue by creating profitable and commercial strategies. Our approach results in an optimized Revenue- and Distribution landscape. We use our international experience and network to identify new opportunities for our customers. We are highly experienced in Revenue Management, Distribution and Digital Marketing, which means that we will win market shares for our customers. Contact us, and we’ll help you increase your market share and revenue.

50+ Customers

Taktikon have over 50 customers, in over 12 countries all over europe.

100+ Facilities

Taktikon are currently working for more than 100 facilities, from small hotels to camping and luxury hotels

Are you looking for someone with Revenue Management experts who can be responsible for revenue optimization at your company?

Revenue Management Outsourcing is an alternative to hiring a Revenue Manager and gaining direct access to our Revenue Management experts who become part of the commercial team. Our outsourcing services cover both taking care of pricing and the e-Commerce platform including our website.

Are you looking for an alternative to your Property Management System (PMS)? Are you planning to change your Central Reservation Systems (CRS) provider?

Taktikon is highly experienced in hotel technology, and we can guide you through a jungle of suppliers, solutions, and platforms, with a strong focus on system management and cost. We help you find the optimal system.

Taktikons strengths

Easy and fun to work with. We love our jobs as much as we love each of our projects, which we always start with hassle-free.
Taktikon’s Revenue Management Team Office where we gather all our Revenue Management Experts together with our Revenue Managers, Revenue Assistants, and Revenue Trainees. This ensures that we can make sure that the broad knowledge from our Revenue Management Experts is transferred to the rest of the team.
Always going the extra mile. We do all we have in our power to help our customers in any way we can to help them optimize results.
Being part of the customer’s team. The best comment we can get from our customers is when they say that we are an important part of the management team.
Educating our customers. We like to be seen as mentors and a sounding board. The more educated our customers are, the better we can challenge each other.
Our Revenue Management Tool. We have created a Daily Diary which is easy to update and enables both us and our customers to form the ultimate strategy