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About us

About Taktikon AB

Taktikon is one of the leading training- and consultancy firms within Revenue Management and Distribution. We are based in Stockholm and Amsterdam. Taktikon was founded in 2010 by Revenue Management expert Annemarie Gubanski and we help companies increase result with the use of Revenue Management and forming a successful distribution strategy. Taktikon offers a complete range of products that help companies to form Revenue-, Distribution- and Online Marketing Management strategies and increase results.

Through analysing your market, correct forecasting and smart pricing, Revenue Management can lead to at least 20% revenue increase. Revenue Management can be used in all types of industries that use market adapted rates.

The team

AnneMarie Gubanski

Revenue Management & Distribution Expert, Founder – International speaker – 2nd loudest person in the Office

Best in: Revenue Management – Education – Business Lunches

Katarina Svensson

Revenue Management & Distribution Expert, Partner – Head of Revenue – Revenue Management Expert – The Loudest Person in the Office

Best in: Revenue- & Distribution Management – Contracting – French Cheese

Jari Koivisto

Revenue Managemenet & Distribution Expert – Finnish Ninja – Wireless mouse adversary

Best in: OTA system forensics –  Quiet calm – Nicotine gum hording

Sara Westin-James

Marketing Assistant – Special Projects – Head of Looking Confused

Best in: Research – Project plans – Presentations

Oliver Geldner

Revenue Management & Distribution Expert, Partner – Digital Marketer – The German

Best in: System RFPs – Talking fast – Switching things off and on again

Eva-Lotta Mannfors

Revenue Management Assistant – Revenue & Outsourcing Projects – Westward bound satellite

Best in: Business Travel & Events – Gardening – Travelling in rows 1-5

Åsa Magnusson

Revenue Management & Distribution Expert – Project Manager, Revenue Management on Trains, Planes, Hotels and more.

Best in: Revenue Management, Training, Proof Reading, Structuring things