Vision and Values

We make the hospitality industry profitable

Throughout the years Taktikon has become an internationally recognized brand the name and is known to always deliver high quality.

Through the various events, webinars, and seminars Taktikon organizes under the brand name Revenue Forum we create high-quality educative content aiming to help the hospitality industry to improve the result


Taktikons Vision

Right from the start, Taktikon has always let this love for the hospitality industry and our passion to help this industry contain and develop. This genuine love and passion are key for all our projects and have earned us a reputation for always delivering high quality.

Taktikons Values

Our values reflect what Taktikon stands for and guide us in our everyday lives. Our values are incorporated in everything we do and defined all from how we treat people and the planet.

Taktikons Business Idea

With great passion and expertise, we offer a portfolio of revenue management products and services improving everyday profitability and sustaining your revenue growth.

People first

This is our Golden Rule and ensures that we always deliver high quality. We care about those who work for us as well as those who work with us.

Attractive services and products

Taktikon offers a wide range of services and products that help the hospitality industry increase result. This includes:

  • Revenue Management Outsourcing
  • System- and Revenue Audits
  • Feasibility Studies
  • A Revenue Management Tool (Rev-Diary)
  • Events, Seminars, and Webinars (Revenue Forum)

Attractive Employers

We value our team and put a lot of time and energy into constantly improving their knowledge so that we not only continue to offer the high quality our customers are used to but that we also offer the hospitality industry high-quality Revenue Managers to hire

Ensure Future Competence

For Taktikon increasing competence has always been a key Core Value as we believe that this is the way forward towards a more profitable industry. We always work closely with our customers and explain to them our reasons behind certain strategic decisions thus creating a good relationship while educating the industry.

Taktikon is the company behind Revenue Forums which offers highly inspiring events, webinars and seminars.