Revenue Management Outsourcing

Revenue Management Outsourcing

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We tailor our offer around your current capabilities, requirements, profile and budget. Taktikon provides everything from startup Revenue Management to an experienced Revenue Management expert who can be part of your organization.

Advantages of Outsourcing

Outsourcing provides the possibility to control costs while ensuring that expertise is in place. It can be an excellent way of overcoming a period where you do not have access to your own Revenue Manager, or it can give you an external team member who can work directly with you, while ensuring that the knowledge and application of Revenue Management principles is increased and instilled in your organization. Regardless of the reason or the length of the project, Taktikon will commit fully to
improving your results.

Revenue Audit

To ensure that we optimize your results, we always start with a detailed evaluation where we can find your unique revenue opportunities. The evaluation includes the review of the structure, pricing and distribution. The Revenue Audit is partly carried out on site and result in a report with concrete objectives applicable procedures, structure, pricing and revenue opportunities. The audit usually includes:

  • Detailed market analysis including benchmarking reports (where available)
  • Competitor analysis and SWOT
  • Evaluation of online sales and distribution strategies
  • Analysis of existing and potential Marketing Mix
  • Analysis of existing reports and tools (forecasting, budgeting, sales, etc)
  • Establishment of IT needs and access to all the necessary systems

Taktikon offers several levels of Outsourcing and Practical Consultancy deals:

Practical Revenue Management

A Revenue Management Specialist will help you with the most basic support functions. Think of it as an extra pair of hands and brains supporting your revenue team.  All Practical Consultancy programs are tailor made. The working hours can vary from 10 hours per month to 20 hours per week, depending on your need and expectations.

Revenue Management Outsourcing

For a higher level of support and integration agreement may be extended to include the above plus below-mentioned points. Hours allocated on average 20 hours per week.

  • Updating price and availability in all distribution channels
  • Evaluating of new distribution channels and opportunities that increase revenue and net profit
  • Creation and updating of reports and tools
  • Monitoring of result

Revenue Management Outsourcing is carried out by a Revenue Management consultant with extensive industry experience and expertise. The consultant will be a focused part of your team with responsibilities in Revenue Management and Business Development.

Taktikon will set up your systems, implement analysis tools, review pricing structures, distribution channels, identify potential business development opportunities and keep track of your competitors. During and before the outsourcing project, Taktikon will educate your team and keep clear communication about strategic decisions to the relevant departments and distribution channels.

If needed we can also find and educate your future Revenue Manager and ensure that Revenue Management remains a natural part of the company strategy even when Taktikon concludes it’s outsourcing project.

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