Revenue Management Outsourcing

Are you looking for someone to take care of the Revenue Management in your company?

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Revenue Management Outsourcing is an alternative to hiring an on-site Revenue Manager and is a way for you to gain access to the expertise of our Revenue Management experts with the latest trends in the Travel & Hospitality Industry. Our outsourcing services cover the partial or complete management of your operation’s revenue management and distribution. Think of it as an extra pair of hands and brain supporting you and your team.

To ensure that we optimize your needs, we always start with a Revenue Management Audit, which is a detailed evaluation where we analyze your current situation and find your unique revenue opportunities. You will receive a report of our findings together with concrete recommendations of what changes are needed to be able to generate higher revenues.

We then establish a plan together with you to Implement the changes according to the findings from the audit. We review pricing structures and distribution channels, set up your systems accordingly, implement analysis tools and build custom reports.

Once we are all set with the implementation, we will proceed to be your Revenue Management Expert who handles all related tasks, including the updating of price and inventory in all distribution channels on a daily basis, providing monthly reports with forecasts and strategies forward, and continuously communicating with relevant departments to ensure the smooth operation of your revenue streams.

Outsourcing provides the possibility to control costs while ensuring that expertise is in place. It can be an excellent way of overcoming a period where you do not have access to your own Revenue Manager, or it can give you an external team member who can work directly with you, while ensuring that the knowledge and application of Revenue Management principles is optimized and instilled in your organization. Regardless of the reason or the length of the project, Taktikon will commit fully to
improving your results. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden, but our outsourcing services stretches all over Europe.

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