Revenue Management

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Revenue Management Experts

Taktikon is one of the leading consultancies within Revenue Management in the Travel & Hospitality Industry.

We are highly experienced in Revenue Management and we only hire the best. All our employees have a solid education in Revenue Mangement.

Taktikon’s goal is to achieve 100% satisfied customers, we do all we have in our power to help our customers in any way we can to help them optimize results.

Are you looking for someone with Revenue Management expertise who can be responsible for revenue optimization at your company?

Revenue Management Outsourcing is an alternative to hiring a Revenue Manager and gaining direct access to our Revenue Management experts who become part of the commercial team. Our outsourcing services cover both taking care of pricing and the e-Commerce platform including our website.

Our customers

Taktikon is currently working for more than 100 facilities, from small hotels to camping and luxury hotels. The best comment we can get from our customers is when they say that we are an important part of the management team. Below, you can read some examples of how our revenue experts help our customers maximize their revenue.

Revenue Management Audit

The goal of a Revenue Management Audit is to find Revenue opportunities within your company. This goal is achieved through an analysis of revenues, expenses, pricing decisions, commercial strategies, etc. Our Revenue Audit is partly performed on-site, partly externally. The duration of a Revenue Audit depends on your company’s wishes, needs and goals.

Revenue Management Mentorship

Taktikon offers a Mentorship Program that is tailormade for your individual needs and requirements within revenue management. Think of it as a reliable support system to help you hit your targets, solve problems and optimze revenue.

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