PMS and CRS Audit

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PMS and CRS Audit

Taktikon can guide you through a jungle of suppliers, solutions and platforms, with a strong focus on system management and cost. Our CRS/PMS Audit lays the foundation for the direction your company wants to steer regarding the operational platform or distribution connection.

We will review your company’s current systems and solutions, identify gaps and a negotiation process on behalf of the company.

Depending on your business needs, we will assist in the selection of the most suitable CRS/PMS solutions. We can also guide you through the integration process to ensure that your system solutions can be used to their full potential, if desired.

Taktikon has no collaboration with the market’s PMS/CRS suppliers. To meet the company’s needs, we draw on decades of expertise by objectively weighing the pros and cons of each solution.

Contact us, and we will look at how we best can help your company!