Digital Marketing Outsourcing

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Digital Marketing Outsourcing

At Taktikon, we strive to make digital marketing a central and long-term part of your company’s success. This means that right from the beginning of outsourcing, we build on well-founded methods and strategies that you can apply and benefit from at every stage of the process.

Whether you are just starting out or have already embarked on your digital marketing journey, Taktikon can be your reliable partner. We work together with you to transform your digital marketing into a fully achievable, measurable, and, above all, profitable component of your distribution strategy.

With our broad expertise and experience in the field, we ensure that your digital marketing becomes not just an expense but an investment that yields returns. We help you reach your target audience effectively, optimize your marketing efforts, and ensure that every invested penny produces results. Our goal is to make digital marketing a successful engine for your business and contribute to your continued growth.

When we initiate the project, you can expect the following:
A thorough review of your website structure presented in an easily understandable PDF report. Together with you, our client, Taktikon implements the various recommendations from the report.

What Taktikon does to maximize results:

  • Creates and structures new campaigns and keywords in your Google Ads account.
  • Sends a user-friendly guide and template on how to upload customer lists in Google Ads.
  • Activates advertising on various platforms such as Google and Bing.
  • Determines optimal bid levels for each auction.
  • Uses negative keywords to eliminate unprofitable traffic.
  • Optimizes landing pages by testing multiple options and providing conversion tips.
  • Designs and tests ads based on performance.
  • Conducts tests with new keywords that have the potential to improve results.