Revenue Management Recruitment

Having the right Revenue Management Team in place is a decisive factor for today’s employers. Recruiting a Revenue Manager is not always easy for recruitment consultants as the role of a Revenue Manager is defined differently depending on the company. This makes it difficult to know what skills are needed to find the perfect Revenue Manager.

Our knowledge about Revenue Management but also our broad network is a good help for us to recruit the perfect Revenue Management candidate for future employers within the travel industry. Furthermore, Taktikon has developed a unique Revenue Management test which tests future Revenue Management candidates on Analytical-, Commercial- and Communication skills.

Recruiting the best Revenue Manager requires time. We help you find the right candidate while you can concentrate on focusing on your business.

Revenue managers in Stockholm, Sweden

Why Taktikon for Recruitment

Taktikon has actively worked on building up their network since 2008 and currently has a very strong base of Revenue Managers with different backgrounds, skills and experience. We have a close cooperation with renowned hotel schools in various countries in Europe and help Revenue Managers to grow their knowledge with the help of our Revenue Managers Mentorship projects. This way we are able to reach out to potential Revenue Management Candidates who normally would be missed.

What makes Taktikon different?

Our Requirement Specification

This is designed to help us perform a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the candidates. The various requirements within the specification are scored so that we not only choose the candidates who meet the most requirements but also the candidates that match the most important requirements

Taktikon’s Revenue Management Test

The test is unique in it’s kind and is designed to test the candidates on Analytical-, Commercial- and Commercial skills. This gives us another dimension and helps us to match the candidate to the requirements within the specification

Presentation of the candidates

In order to avoid any unknowingly and preconceived opinions about the candidate, we present them without mentioning name, gender or age. The focus in this presentation is on the candidate’s personality as we strongly believe that personality is far more important than experience.

The way we work

Step 1: Requirement Specification

In a start-up meeting we develop a detailed requirement profile. It includes work assignments, company culture and the type of personality from the candidate. This results in a requirement specification where we can select the perfect candidate based on quantitative and qualitative parameters.

Step 2: Finding the candidates

Not only due to our long experience in recruitment of Revenue Managers but also because of our extended work with various Hotel Schools in Europe as well as our Revenue Management Outsourcing and Revenue Management Mentor programs, we have a very broad network with Revenue Managers. This way we are able to reach out to potential Revenue Management Candidates who normally would be missed. In order to make sure that we reach a very broad search, an advertisement is placed on our social channels including LinkedIn and applicable branch newspapers

Step 3: Match Making

Applicable candidates are invited to an interview after which we will be able to match the candidates to the requirement specification based on quantitative and qualitative parameters.

Step 4: Taktikon’s Revenue Management Test

The best candidates are invited to perform the Taktikon Revenue Managers Test. Under supervision of the Revenue Management Recruiter a Revenue Management Test is performed. In this unique test Taktikon tests the candidates on their Analytical-, Commercial- and Communication skills. This gives us another dimension in finding the perfect candidate.

Step 5: Candidate Presentation Taktikon Style

The final candidates are presented anonymously. This means that we do not mention the candidates’ name, gender nor age. This is because we want to make sure that the future employer cannot in any way be affected by a possible preconceived opinion about the candidate. The focus is on elucidating the candidate’s personality and the results of the interview as well as the Revenue Management Test. In a final step, we present the candidates’ Curriculum Vitae. This is because we strongly believe that character is more important than experience.

Step 6: Final Stage and References

After our presentation, we set up the meetings where the future employer will get the chance to meet the suitable candidates. During this time we make sure that all references are taken, so that the final stage; the actual hiring of the Revenue Manager, is done as smoothly as possible

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