System Audits

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"Without Taktikon's large network, I would never have found the optimal technology"



System Audits

If you order a System Audit at Taktikon, means that you get:

  • An in-depth report that shows the choice of technology component for an enhanced profit optimization
  • An assessment of suppliers and their system solutions
  • A Heat Map showing compliance with needs and system solution
  • A Cost picture for investment and ongoing use
  • Solution options ahead for procurement and implementation

Why Taktikon for System Audits?

Independent consultancy: Taktikon does not get commissions from any of the system providers out in the world. As obvious as this may seem, it is quite an exception for consultancies. This means that we commit to finding the best solution for the customer and not for Taktikon

Solution-oriented approach: During the whole process of a System Audit, we are always looking at the specific needs of the customer. Even though our method always is the same, the outcome of our Audits is always different as all properties have specific and different needs

Taktikons network: Due to the various seminars we organize and the variety of our various projects we know most of the system providers, not only by contact but also practically because we work in various systems daily. This means that we can find systems that otherwise would not be available for properties

A holistic approach: As Taktikon offers a wide range of products, we can offer a holistic approach in which we can take care of finding the right technology, negotiate the best agreements and make sure that implementation is done correctly.

Taktikon’s way of working

Step 1: Needs analysis for an audit

In a personal dialogue we find the current situation, the desired situation, any obstacles and more. What is the reason why a system change is desired? Then Taktikon develops a project plan and a first sketch on a Heatmap, which is then one of the foundations of the RFP process.

The project plan is presented in a personal meeting which contains a brief current situation analysis and discusses the project planning step by step.

Step 2: Obtain the requirements specification

A requirement specification is produced through a kick-off meeting where we follow Taktikon’s method which produces the current and desired position which in turn becomes the basis for an RFP (Request For Proposal) which includes the various components needed at every stage of a system. All components are weighted according to relevance and priority.

Step 3: The RFP process and Qualitative / Quantitative assessment

The RFP that is developed in conjunction with the requirements specification meeting is sent to possible system suppliers. Such a document can consist of up to 300 or more components and the supplier must give a status on all of these components.

Tactics have a large base of possible systems that fit the needs and desires of the plant. In addition, we work daily in many of these systems, in our various Revenue Management projects. This means that we can measure the suppliers’ answers in the actual situation.

All answers are gathered and Taktikon’s project manager. Each system is scored according to qualitative and quantitative assessments. The project manager then invites those suppliers with the highest score balance to present their system solution.

Step 4: Presenting the best system solutions

Taktikon organizes a demo day where the three or four suppliers with systems that have received the highest score balance along Taktikon’s qualitative and quantitative assessment are allowed to do a Live Demo for the customers. A demo day is done with a strict division where all suppliers get equal space.

Step 5: Final report, reference, and contract signing

A final report summarises the conclusions and details that came out during the suppliers’ demo. The report also includes a Heat Map smt evaluation and recommendations for supplier and system. The report includes recommendations for the next step for procurement and implementation with possible deadlines.

The Advantages of Taktikon’s System Audit

Time & resource gain: Taktikon reduces the time of finding the right systems to two meeting days and a few telephone calls.

Detailed and professional RFP: Taktikon uses a well-defined and well-tested method which results in a useable and detailed RFP (Request For Proposal) towards the system providers.

Long-term cost savings: Taktikon ensures that properties will find the right systems even for future needs

Broadened network: As Taktikon has access to a wide network of different types of system providers, our customers can get access to systems that otherwise would not have been available to them

Long-term future trends: Taktikon’s method ensures that the chosen systems will get you ready for your plans. And, as Taktikon always is ahead of the game, we can help you form these plans and get ready for the future

Short lead time: As Taktikon has a great team of experts who all work daily in the specific systems, we can always start a System Audit with a very short lead time. Call today and we can start tomorrow.