Rez-Connect distribution

Rez-Connect Distribution Platform

Welcome to Rez-Connect; the missing link between revenue management strategy and cost-efficient implementation to the distribution platforms.

RezConnect is a complete distribution platform connecting Internet, Booking Engine, GDS, Metasearch and Channel Management in one place with a two-way connection to your Property Management System and Revenue Management System. Rez-Connect allows for distribution to all important channels with full technical and revenue strategy support.

With our own distribution platform, we can meet our clients needs for consultancy, strategy, and distribution in one integrated solution package.

Why Rez-Connect for Distribution

As a hotelier, you deserve the most optimal distribution strategy and therefore need to be connected to a state of the art distribution platform. Our Distribution Experts are your first line support both strategically and practically

Rez-Connect helps hotels to decrease distribution rate and save time!

Taktikon, the consultancy behind Rez-Connect consists of Distribution specialists with a long experience in setting up distribution strategies and optimising the process of handling the various distribution channels. We make your distribution process run smoothly.

As Taktikon offers a wide range of services and products, we can adapt our service depending on the property’s needs, objective and budget. making it easy to work together.

  • Decreased distribution cost
  • Hassle-free first line support from your dedicated Account Manager
  • We take care of Commission handling for your GDS reservations
  • Sale Support, RFP handling and consultation to your sales team
  • Revenue Management and Distribution expertise
  • Hotels will remain independent as Rez-Connect is not a hotel chain.

Rez-Connect: Distribution made easier

Rez-Connect is perfect for:

Hotel Chains

Mid – Larger Hotels

Family Run- / Boutique Hotels




Rez-Connect Products and Services

Website and Booking Engine

Rez-Connect offers both hotel websites as well as booking engines which ensures high quality of visitors as well as high conversion rate. As our distribution experts have a very long experience with increasing direct reservations, we can form the perfect website together with you

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Metasearch handling

To connect your website to the metasearch platforms is one thing. To make sure that you get the right reservations and decrease your distribution costs is another. Our metasearch experts can gladly help you both with the set-up as well as the optimisation

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Service and Support

We understand that independent properties deserve the support they expect. Rez-Connect provides you with a dedicated Account Manager who understands your needs and assists you quick and easy

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GDS Representation

The Global Distribution Platforms ensures that your property is bookable 24/7 by the global Travel Agencies. Our experts will ensure that your property is represented in the most optimal possible way.

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TA Commission Handling

Rez-Connect handles your Travel Agency Commission quick and easy. No more spending ages on checking and filing. Our Distribution Experts take over, hassle free

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Travel Management

Rez-Connect offers sales support in the form of RFP-handling. Ever spent a few hours on an RFP request? Our distribution experts can both determine the optimal price and make sure that the RFP is properly handled.

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Getting started with Rez-Connect

Step 1: Requirement Specification

In an effective kick-off meeting we find the current situation, the desired situation, any obstacles and more. After this meeting we will send you our Information Pack which is the base for the distribution set-up.

Step 2: Set-up of the systems

The experts at Rez-Connect make sure that all the distribution channels and systems are set-up and mapped correctly. We build the property in the various channels, including your booking engine, making sure that the information and images are correct.

Step 3: Go Live

This is always a cheerful time, as this is the time where both you and your guests will be able to experience your property in it’s improved format and you will be able to receive your first reservations through the new platform.

Step 4: Optimisation time

Your assigned Account Manager will be responsible for optimising the performance of your property and will hold regular contact with you regarding the process. You will get monthly performance reports and training, when necessary.

Rez-Connect handles commission claims, RFP processes, optimising the metasearch channels and is the first-line support for all your questions.