Meet Joost Keus & Ludo Vanden Eynde, Mews
7th February 2018 Annemarie Gubanski

Meet Joost Keus & Ludo Vanden Eynde, Mews

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Joost Keus & Ludo Vanden Eynde

  • Who are you?
    We are Joost Keus and Ludo Vanden Eynde, we are responsible for the sales of Mews In the Benelux region.
  • How did you end up with FH System?
    I worked for 8 years in the hotel industry and was always triggered by technology development. After receiving a demo of the Mews PMS, I became really enthusiastic about the system. We kept in contact and after a couple of months I decided to join the PMS revolution.
    After several years of working for the Pandox hotel group, I was looking at the next step in my career. Always eager to discover new systems I got in touch with Mews, the PMS of the future.
  • What do you think are the two things that nobody within the industry knows about you?
     I am completely colourblind
    2. I started to work in the hotel industry when I was 13 years old
    1. I am passionate about food and studied to become a chef
    2. I used to be a geek, when I was 16 years old I built my own audiovisual studio
    What are you going to talk about during the seminar?
    We will share the vision of Mews and our opinion on the 21st century connected hotel.
  • What are the key points you want the participants to take with you from your speech?
    We would like to make them realise how software can impact your hotel operations, revenue and online reputation. That hotel managers need to think as a start-up company and constantly develop their own organisation. Let your software do the hard work, while you serve your guests.

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