Rev-Diary Revenue Managers Tool


The system for Revenue Managers!

As Revenue Management Consultants offering Revenue Management Outsourcing, we always work in the systems of our properties. Many of our customers had acquired Revenue Management Systems but we always found that we missed a lot of vital information and kept on using our Revenue Management Tool at the side.

As we grew and acquired more customers, updating our tool became quite time consuming and we started to develop an Online version which helped us to set our own strategies. The system helps us with the tactical part and calculates forecast and pricing. All according to our own strategy.

Rev-Diary is perfect for:

Family Run / Boutique Hotels

Camp Sites


Hotel Chains

Medium Sized / Larger Properties


Why Rev-Diary

Rev-Diary is a Revenue Management System (RMS) designed for Revenue Managers. The software helps Revenue Managers to determine the rate based on the strategies set. This means that you decide the competitors most relevant to you, your market position, the various strategies depending on market situations, etc.

Rev-Diary even helps your Revenue Manager to calculate forecast based on competitive pricing, On The Books, Booking Pace, Events. It is therewith the perfect tool that both helps you save time and increase market share.

The system shows:

  • On the Books (ADR, OCC, Revenue)
  • Pick-Up och Booking Pace
  • Prisrekommendation enligt Revenue Managers strategierna
  • Prognos dag-för-dag
  • Utfall vs budget
  • Rate Shopping

Rev-Diary is a Revenue Manager System designed by Revenue Management- and Distribution Consultancy; Taktikon.