Rev-Diary Revenue Managers Tool


Developed by Revenue Managers. Powered by Artificial Intelligence

As Revenue Management Consultants offering Revenue Management Outsourcing, we always work in the systems of our properties. Many of our customers had acquired Revenue Management Systems but we always found that we missed a lot of vital information and kept on using our Revenue Management Tool at the side.

The idea of developing a Revenue Management System was a natural step as we were missing a system that was developed by Revenue Managers instead of engineers. This means that Rev-Diary will always be developed according to the latest Revenue Management Principals. Of course the system is adapted to be able to use Profit Revenue Management, measures pick-up per market segment and helps properties to obtain the most optimal Distribution Strategies.

Rev-Diary is perfect for:

Family Run / Boutique Hotels

Camp Sites


Hotel Chains

Medium Sized / Larger Properties


Why Rev-Diary

Rev-Diary is a Revenue Management System (RMS) developed by Revenue Managers, powered by Machine Learning. This means that the system always will be adapted to the latest Revenue Management Principals helping properties to apply Total Profit Revenue Management, obtain the most optimal Distribution Strategy and track performance per Market Segment and Distribution Channel

Rev-Diary is a Revenue Manager System designed by Revenue Management- and Distribution Consultancy; Taktikon.