Rez-Connect Distributionsplatsform
29th May 2020 Annemarie Gubanski

Rez-Connect Distributionsplatsform

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Are you too dependent on the OTA’s?

This can mean that your distribution strategies are not optimal. At Rez-Connect we have years of expertise in channel shifting and optimising your distribution to the most profitable channels.


Are your distribution costs too high?

This could mean that your CRS or channel manager are charging you in excess of current market pricing for distribution and connectivity. Rez-Connect offers a state-of-the-art CRS and Channel Management solution at a very reasonable cost. We help you analyze your  current distribution cost and present a solution that directly affects your bottom line profitability.


Do you have difficulty to drive direct?

This could mean that your booking engine might not be suitable for your needs. Rez-Connect can help you find your optimal web booking technology, always set up by our e-commerce experts for optimal conversion.


Do you not get enough out of the metasearch channels?

Connectivity to Metasearch channels is a good start, but you need expertise to get the most out of these platforms. At Rez-Connect, our e-commerce experts can advise you om how to drive direct bookings with the proper strategic use of metasearch.


Do you pay a lot of commissions to Travel Agents?

This could be caused by your GDS commission payment systems are not being set up efficiently. It can also mean that your commission handling routines are not up to date. At Rez-Connect we are experts in decreasing commission payments and can handle commission payments for you.


Do you not get your fair share of consortia reservations?

This could mean that you do not have enough (or wrong) consortia contracts and that your GDS distribution towards travel consortia is not set up correctly. At Rez-Connect we help hotels with RFP handling and make sure that your distribution in the GDS channels is set up for maximum exposure to and profitability from travel consortia, without having to buy expensive GDS ads.


Do you spend a lot of time updating your distribution channels?

This could be an issue with rate and room-type mapping. Rez-Connect has direct connectivity to the most important Property Management- and Channel Management Systems. Our e-commerce experts are your first-line support. Easy to contact and quick in resolving your mapping issues.

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