Temporary staff for your hotel

The need for staff varies and especially after the Covid-19 period, it is important to have the right person on the right place, when you need it, so that you can focus on your core business in the meantime.

Pre-opened hotels, but also a company which is facing a generation shift in the department, an expansion or an unexpected vacancy are often in the need of staffing. This is a hassle free solution as the staff is employed by Taktikon, which takes on employers’ responsibility.

Why Taktikon for Staffing

Taktikon has actively worked on building up their network since 2008. In it’s very large network it has a very strong base of General Managers, Hotel Managers, Front Office Managers and more. This means that we have a good choice of staff with the right knowledge, background and personality which suits your company and needs.

The way we work

Step 1: Requirement Specification

In a start-up meeting we develop a detailed requirement profile. It includes work assignments, company culture and the type of personality from the consultant.

Step 2: Searching our database

In this stage we go through our extended database and look for the right candidates with the right background and personality so that we can find a perfect match.

Step 3: Candidate Presentation

The company and consultant are meeting in order to get to know each other. Here we discuss the practical details such as start day, work space, system access, dress code, introduction to the future colleagues, handover, etc.

Step 4: Let’s start!

Our consultant starts on the day which was agreed.

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