Taktikon organizes Global Revenue Forum in Stockholm- 30st of Januari 2024
18th October 2023 Johanna Ahlin

Taktikon organizes Global Revenue Forum in Stockholm- 30st of Januari 2024

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Welcome to the main Hospitality event in Scandinavia!

Join us on the 30th of January at Hotel Birger Jarl in Stockholm for a day full of inspiration, new knowledge, and networking, where you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the latest technological advancements in the hotel industry. Book the event and gain valuable insights into the industry while connecting with colleagues and staying updated on cutting-edge technology trends. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to expand your horizons and enhance your professional network.

The 2024 topic: Roadmap to Resilience!

The hotel industry has evolved and survived through a period of tremendous growth and change in recent years. Operating against a highly volatile and unpredictable backdrop, our collective adaptability and resilience has been tested to the core. As a sector, we’ve not only survived but in many cases thrived, continually uncovering and developing innovative strategies to navigate an ever-changing landscape.

As we continue to evolve in an environment that’s both dynamic and challenging, what’s next for commercial management? How can we collectively build an agile and collaborative culture to thrive when faced with ongoing macroeconomic uncertainty? What strategies and solutions can we leverage to strengthen our business, given so many factors remain outside of our control?

Join us for ‘Roadmap to Resilience’ on January 30th 2024, where once again we will unite the global revenue management community to unpack strategies and tools designed to not just survive but flourish despite ongoing economic instability.  We will explore

  • How can we cultivate a culture of thriving despite unstable markets?
  • How can technology be harnessed to support ongoing business uncertainty?
  • What strategies can help us excel despite the volatile environment we operate in?
  • What is the role of education and training in preparing our teams for the unexpected?
  • How can you manage and nurture your team through ongoing uncertainty?
  • What lessons can we learn from other industries?

Join us for this unique day as industry leaders and visionaries convene in Stockholm, London and Milan to debate and discuss how as a sector we can optimise our commercial perfomance and build resilience in a market characterised by ongoing unpredictability and challenges.

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